Monday, May 30, 2011

American Museum of Natural History 5/29/11

I got a new camera for my birthday. My birthday was last January so my present came a little late.
I took it to the museum to see what kind of shots I could get without the flash. Some parts of the museum are pretty dark.

These are the folks that took my 11:15 'Highlights' tour. Here we are in the Hall of Gems. There were about 14 people, which is pretty good for a Sunday on a holiday weekend.

Before the tour I got a few shots. Here are Akley's elephants in the African Mammals hall. These are enraged elephants who are about to charge. I like this picture. The hall is one of the 'darker' places. The lighting is low to showcase the dioramas. The hall is exceptional due to the human sacrifice that went into collecting the animals. That's actually pretty ironic.

These are people in the Roosevelt Rotunda. Some are getting ready to enter. Some are probably leaving. In the back is the 'attacking' Allosaurus mount. All of the mounts in the rotunda are faux; they're casts. Actual fossils are minerals and are really heavy. They can't be mounted in 'action' poses.

That's all, folks!