Thursday, July 18, 2013

Poorly Photographed Art

Here is some art photographed with my iphone.

Fantastic Four #34 Jack Kirby

Quicksand Tales To Astonish Jack Kirby

Hogarr Steve Ditko

Journey Into Mystery Thor Jack Kirby

 Captain America Jack Kirby (double splash)

Omac Jack Kirby

Demon #5 Jack Kirby

Skymasters Jack Kirby/Wally Wood

Skymasters Jack Kirby/Wally Wood

Concrete Paul Chadwick

The Mask Steve Ditko

Richard Corben

Richard Corben

Dark Dominion Cards Steve Ditko

Capt Midnight Rob Snyder

Capt Midnight Rob Synder

Tales To Astonish Hulk Steve Ditko

Mutant World Chapter 5 - pg 7