Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dog Hunt

My friend Ulla, who I call 'Patty', encountered a stray dog while walking her own dog. I went out there on Sunday for a visit and we decided to see if this little dog would show up. She did. That day she was called 'Harriet' by Ulla, but since then her name was changed to 'Sweet Pea'.

She's probably very young, less than 1 year I would guess. Sweet Pea is very friendly and indescribably smart.

Here's Sweet Pea.

Ulla's dog is named 'Jack'. Here's a picture of Ulla and Jack out for a walk that day in Jersey City, NJ.

Ulla has been leaving food and water for Sweet Pea in an effort to help her out. Thank God the weather is warm. Sweet Pea will even eat from Ulla's hand. That dog knows what's what.

She's a wonderful dog and loves to play with Jack. Here they are having nothing but fun.

This is a picture of Sweet Pea adopting a 'play posture'. When a dog sticks it butt up like that it's an indication that she wants to play.

Ulla and I tried to think of a way to get a leash on Sweet Pea. I had the idea that if we sat down and acted nonchalant, Sweet Pea would settle down. If we then offered food, maybe we could get a leash on her.

The secret of life is acting nonchalant.

This idea partially worked. Sweet Pea hung out with us and everything was very sedate.

As I said, she's very smart and when I tried to put a collar on her she darted away out of reach.

These pictures were taken by Ulla.

This would be a picture that I took of Sweet Pea. Ulla is in the background taking a picture from another angle.

Sweet Pea is very attached to us up to a point. She followed us all the way back to Ulla's apartment, but we could not coax her to come inside. She did edge into the building, but ran out before I could close the door.

Ultimately, this isn't about me.

Maybe if Ulla doesn't feed Sweet Pea so much, she might get hungry enough to come into the building and let Ulla provide her with a home.

Hi, Sweet Pea

I'll update this post as news develops.

'There are 8 million stories in the Naked City and this has been one of them' - Mark Hellinger


  1. Very Excellent! Nice job editing Ulla's pics,too! Good story, maybe you should development a treatment and fish it around Hollywood?

  2. I want to write a children's book about Sweet Pea.

  3. How about "Lost & Found" for the name of her biopic? Sweet Pea could play herself in the title role. She would wear BIG Hollywood sunglasses and appear on Oprah and Leno.