Sunday, August 1, 2010

Race to the end 7/11/10

After much study and a walk through test, I'm now giving tours of the new traveling exhibit at AMNH about the race to conquer the South Pole in 1911. You can find out more about the hall here.

Below is a picture of the museums' recreation of Framheim, which was the Norwegian base camp on the Ross Ice Shelf at Antarctica. I wasn't supposed to take pictures in the hall; it's not allowed.


This is a picture of me getting psyched up for my first tour. I try to put a lot of energy into the presentation. The tour is very paced as I try to get across as much information as I can. I really don't pitch the tour to anybody in particular. I go through the material as though I'm explaining it to a peer. 

Ulla (aka Patty) came along to see the tour. That was nice. Here is a picture of Ulla posing in front of a diorama in the hall of Asian Mammals. It's a scene of a pack of wild dogs attacking a deer. It's the same diorama in the picture with me above.

I think that's appropriate since we like dogs. The dog packs usually consist of about a dozen dogs, but sometimes they can have as many as 60 dogs.

Ulla thinks she looks like a tourist in this picture.

I think she looks good.

Below is a pic of me after the tour. I need to wind down a little bit after each one. We went to EJs on Amsterdam for lunch. Ulla had eggs and potatoes and I had an order of whole wheat flapjacks. I think that was a good choice.

Ulla took these pictures. If I had my camera I would have provided pictures of what we ate.

I had a great tour and I'm glad Ulla was there. 

I'll probably do the tours most Sundays until the exhibit ends in January.

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  1. Thanks for the nice post. I muchly enjoyed your tour of "Race to the Pole." For those readers who have not yet seen the exhibit (or taken one of Martin's superb tours), I highly recommend it!

    Ulla, "Who not only looks like a tourist but --based on photo-- has decided that she is also in dire need of plastic surgery."