Sunday, September 19, 2010

Break Fast... Brooklyn... 9/18/10...

Saturday was Yom Kippur, which is the day of atonement. It occurs about a week after New Year and it is a fast day. This week is spent in reflection. By taking stock, people consider how they'll adjust their behavior going forward.

My friend Lori hosted a break fast at her home in Brooklyn and I was invited! 

I arrived in Midwood about 7:00pm. This is a picture of the sun going down on Avenue M. Not too many people were on the street, maybe due to the holiday, and those that were out were on their way to temple.

This is Dave and he is the face of traffic court in Brooklyn. He adjudicates cases where people are disputing their parking tickets. Sometimes Dave dismisses cases because the tickets are 'defective'. That means that the information entered on the ticket by the traffic agent is incorrect in some way. It does not mean that the defendant was not illegally parked, but they are not responsible for the fine.

I thought that sounded fair.

Here is Lori and husband Ed. I've know Lori since high school and she introduced me around as her 'old' friend Martin.

Lori is a proud parent. This is Lori and daughter Susanna who is a sophomore in high school. She has just transferred to Goldstein High School for the Sciences.

Leon M. Goldstein was the president of Kingsborough Community College and the high school was named after him by David Dinkins. That must have happened in the 20th century.

The other celebrants chatted and helped themselves to the buffet. There was all sorts of food and it was plentiful. I had a bagel with whitefish salad. I cut into the first bagel I picked up which, by accident, was a raisin bagel. Lori thought that was an odd choice on my part.

Here is Lori and Susanna listening to someone standing.

Dave's son Zach was there and he is a junior at Brooklyn Tech. He would like to be a photographer and maybe a photojournalist.  He told me he'd be willing to embed with soldiers in combat to take pictures. He'd like to make a difference and I thought that sounded very brave.

Zach took this picture of me and Lori. I was trying to smile, but I'd say this does capture my mood.

Susanna is quite the cyber-chick. Here she is surfing the web on her notebook, smiling for the camera, and taking a phone call at the same time. She has a pierced nose. Lori took her to a special tat shop to have the piercing done because it's not a simple procedure.

Lori and Ed have a nice house on a nice block.

I haven't been to Brooklyn for a long while and I'm glad I went over there.

I sure hope I get invited back.

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