Monday, September 20, 2010

Old Photos

I found some old photographs yesterday and I took them to kinko's and scanned them in. I've assembled them in reverse order.

This picture is probably from around 1987. I was working for Bankers Trust at the time and I was an Asst Treasurer.. which meant I was an officer... which meant vault duty.

I look like some beat-nik saxophone player waiting to go on stage. Either that or waiting to 'geez' up.

This is me and Sandy on the beach at South Hampton in 1990. She looks as though she's about to chomp on some jogger. Sandy awoke each day assured that she was in charge.

I'm guessing this was taken around 1982. That's when I had that cheap suit. The woman on my right is my cousin Michelle. On my left is my grand mother, Anne Goldberg. I don't know who the guy with the glasses is. He looks like he would be named Izzy, but who knows?

My college graduation day in 1982. We're at Brooklyn College on the quad and that's Ingersoll Hall in the background. Robert is on the right side of the picture. I don't remember who snapped this picture. I remember that my grandparents were there. Maybe it was my grandfather?

This is a picture of my parents which I'll guess was taken around 1968. That is my cousin Cheryl in the center. This was taken at my uncle's house in Brooklyn. I think my Aunt and Uncle lived near Prospect Park. The elbow on the right belongs to persons unknown.

My mother wore her hair high.

I have no idea when this was taken, but I'm pretty sure that it was at a passover seder.  I'm going to guess that I'm on the left side of the picture, but I can be convinced otherwise.

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