Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is a 22 year old Frank Zappa appearing on the Steve Allen show demonstrating 'Cyclophony', which is Zappa's technique for creating music on a bicycle.

It's kind of endearing to see him so young and before he formed the 'Mothers of Invention'. Steve is very amusing as he interacts with Zappa and gently kids with him. They perform an improvisation together involving the show's band, some pre recorded taped sounds, and of course the bicycles.

If you're a fan of old archival TV, and I know you are, you'll enjoy this little time capsule.

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  1. I always liked Steve Allen. And I love archival footage of anything. But I never *got* Zappa. I don't think any woman does. He seems like he was a nice guy, just totally uninteresting and unfunny --despite his relentless efforts.