Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today in photos 4/18/10

These are some photos taken today. No pictures of me, I'm afraid.

I spent a little time downtown and went to St Marks Comics and did a little browsing. I snapped this without asking permission and the salesgirl said that photography in the store was not allowed. The gentleman in the photo was there with his son and didn't mind. But I should always ask before photographing people. I'll do better in the future.

'What's the resolution of your camera?'

'4 meg'

'Really? Why's it so big?
I went to Starbuck's on Astor Place to have coffee and read some James Ellroy. There was a chamber orchestra playing inside. They didn't mind photography.

This is my good friend Bobby. He lives in the west village on Morton St. which is very pretty. He's a life long New Yawker, but nobody's perfect.
Below are some of the characters that I had dinner with this evening. I'd like to introduce you.

This is Alex. He is a sage.

This fella is also named Martin. Here he is having a real good time.

This is Oscar. He's a PHD who doesn't like academics; I think that's funny. He can hypnotize people and give them confidence and other things. A really great guy and a wicked Salsa dancer, I've heard.

That's all for now folks. I will live to blog again.

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