Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roger's Time Machine 4/25/10

Today I went downtown to browse around a comic shop that I visited many times in the past.

The shop is named Roger's Time Machine. This is Roger.

I really like shopping at this place. This is the only shop that I know of in NYC where you can browse around boxes of silver age comics. There are also new comics, books, movie posters, stills, etc.

While I was there, customers came and went. Roger seemed to know everybody's name and had a brief word with each of them. The employees are great. What a place to work!

This time I found about 8 comics that I liked, Roger magically totaled them, and I got a bargain.

I asked for a picture for this blog and he suggested we pose for this shot which shows us at the moment of the deal. I think I look pretty good.

Roger's Time Machine is located at 207 West 14 Street in NYC.

I'm going to be visiting more often.

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  1. Roger could be your twin (if you didn't already have one).